Uses for Burlap


Burlap is a very strong, biodegradable fabric that was made in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Originally used to make curtains, burlap has since evolved to be used in other projects as well. Burlap is now used as wallpaper in theaters, to prevent erosion, to make reusable bags, and as storage bags.


  • Burlap is often used to cover walls. The natural fabric creates a unique texture on any wall that can either be left plain or painted to match the other colors and themes in your home. Often, burlap wallpaper is used in theatrical purposes as it can cover a large area for little expense. It can also provide a distinctive look to your home, as no two rolls are exactly alike in color or weave. Burlap is also more environmentally friendly than many other wall coverings, so it will appeal to those who are more "green."

Erosion Control

  • Burlap can also be used to control soil erosion in barren areas. Plastic cuts down on the amount of water that penetrates the soil, so you need a fabric that will allow water to permeate it. Burlap should be used in areas that are affected by the most severe erosion. Before laying the burlap down, soak the soil thoroughly with water. After laying the burlap down, use stakes to keep it in place, and cut off any extra fabric with scissors. You can also use the scissors to cut holes for plants to be planted or for those that are already in the soil.

Reusable Bags

  • Burlap coffee bags are great for creating reusable shopping bags. A lot of burlap is thrown into landfills, over 800,000 tons every year, so using burlap that would otherwise be thrown away helps the environment as well as your wallet. Burlap is a strong fabric that can hold a lot of weight, so it makes sense to use it as a shopping bag. It is not necessary to use a sewing machine for these bags, as they are easily sewn by hand. Burlap coffee bags have a creative feel with individual logos painted on, so they make interesting bags.

Storage Bags

  • Burlap has been used as a storage for dry legumes for decades. Burlap is considered a food-grade product, so it is safe to use burlap for storing your goods. The loose weave of the fabric allows for air to flow through the bag. They are most commonly and famously used when storing coffee beans, but can be used to store any dry bean harvest. Burlap bags are good for gardeners who produce more than they will consume, as the extra can then be sold in these inexpensive bags.

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