Math Problems for Grade 3

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Third-grade students are starting to learn new math problems.

Third grade is a time when children are starting to expand their math skills and learn new skills. The counting and basic addition and subtraction skills were mastered in second grade, and by third grade the students are ready for more advanced skills and learning.

  1. Review Problems

    • Review problems include the addition and subtraction learned in previous years. At the start of third grade, teachers often give students a review of the skills. The teachers use the review skills as a steppingstone to higher math skills, such as addition and subtraction of large numbers.

    Multiplication and Division

    • Students in third grade start learning multiplication and division problems. The teachers provide a times table and give memorization assignments. Depending on the teacher, students might learn the tables from one to 12 via songs, worksheets, games or any combination of factors. Multiplication problems are generally taught first, and division is added when the idea of multiplication is mastered.

    Word Problems

    • Word problems are a combination of English skills and math skills. Students in third grade are taught how to break down the problem and obtain a form of math they already know. For example, the word problem stating that if Andy has three apples and gives two to Laura, how many are left is broken down into 3 - 2 = 1. The types of word problems are usually addition or subtraction for simplicity, though some teachers might give division or multiplication problems near the end of the year.

    Fractions and Decimals

    • Fractions and decimals are started in third-grade math. Students learn that a fraction is halves, quarters and thirds. The decimals often go with division since dividing is not always even. Students are given problems like adding and subtracting fractions or decimals.

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