Fun Games to Play With Your Significant Other


Feeling playful? You and your significant other can get your giggles going with fun games like adult themed charades or classic competitive activities such as billiards. Get to know each other better by playing trivia-based board games highlighting likes and dislikes. Video games offer a modern platform for interactive play while outdoor activities help build connections through teamwork.

Adult Themed

  • For some excitement, try twisting a traditional game to include adult themes. Limit a classic game of charades to bedroom topics. Classic board games such as Scrabble easily transform to a racy game when the rules change to adults-only themes. Modify adult themed games to suit your style by taking it to the next level. For example, instead of simply spelling a naughty word, try having your significant other act it out for added points.

Board Games

  • Besides being enjoyable, some board games offer added benefits when played with your significant other. For example, the board game Cranium: Whoonu reveals more about your significant other's interests, likes and dislikes. The Discovery Game: For Married Couples aims to connect couples on an intimate and emotional level. Although the game contains religious information, it is separate from the actual game and not needed for play. Any couple, not just those who are married, can play The Discovery Game.

Competition Based

  • Competing can be fun for couples, especially if there is an exciting reward at the end of the game. For example, the loser cooks dinner or the winner gets to choose the restaurant. As long as the reward and the competition involve both you and your significant other, the game works. Video games such as those based on sports and movement offer an ideal competition-based game for couples. Wii Sports contains a variety of competition games such as tennis, boxing and bowling.

Outdoor Sports

  • Outdoor sports requiring teamwork provide an especially challenging and rewarding experience for you and your significant other. Having to work together to reach a goal demands patience, understanding and listening skills. Partners learn to boost and support each other when an activity proves to be challenging for one and not the other. For example, although rock climbing is an individual activity, your significant other may require cheering on when stuck. In addition to the emotional benefits, outdoor games also enhance the physical connection between you and your significant other.


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