Reasons Why Your Scalp May Hurt


The onset of scalp pain creates both discomfort and anxiety for adults and children alike. Causes range from the results of physical activity involving the head to the onset of a medical condition. As a rule, scalp pain sufferers must treat the condition and prevent a spread or recurrence through quick recognition and treatment. In addition, the onset of disease-related scalp pain frequently receives misdiagnosis as a headache or migraine-related issue.


  • The prolonged use and improper fit of hats, caps and gear worn on the head causes both scalp pain and irritation. For example, hats worn too tight causes scalp pain due to the constriction of scalp tissue. To combat this, properly fitted hats and hats with adjustable bands promote proper wear.


  • The prolonged wear of braided or tightly wrapped hairstyle causes scalp pain for adults and children alike. In addition, the inability of the scalp to adjust positioning or remain free form pain remains hampered by hairstyle choices.

Hair Accessories

  • The improper or prolonged use of hair accessories such as barrettes and hair scrunchies creates the possibility of hair or scalp pain. Accessory users must adjust the position of accessories and change the type or size of the item to prevent scalp pain.


  • The frequent pulling or grabbing of hair during events such as children's play or a sports-related activity causes health symptoms such as scalp pain and even hair loss. Adults with active children should set the guidelines regarding hair play while athletes must protect the hair with the use of head gear and accessories.


  • The advance onset of scalp-related diseases such as ringworm or psoriasis causes pain or discomfort for many sufferers. Those afflicted with these medical conditions must seek treatment that both alleviates the pain and prevents the spread of the ailment to additional parts of the body.

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