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Any home will have more curbside appeal if you pay special attention to its sidewalk areas. Obtain landscaping books and magazines to research different options, or drive through neighborhoods.The shape of the sidewalk and its materials can make a big difference. Don’t forget that special touches, such as lighting and landscaping, will also enhance any sidewalk. Invest time in reviewing many ideas, so you can plan a budget and design that fits your needs.

A brick sidewalk.
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Sketch a sidewalk shape appropriate for a yard space. For example, you might draw a sidewalk that curves around the house from the front door to a side door entry. Or you might create a front sidewalk that has 24-inch borders for landscaping on each side that leads from the curb up to the front porch. Don’t necessarily make every sidewalk stand out on your property, but give special attention to any sidewalk leading to a main entry space.

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Sidewalk beauty is enhanced by various materials. You can, for instance, cover a concrete sidewalk with brick pavers in a basket-weave design. A sidewalk can be constructed mainly of concrete and with brick sections just along the sides. Adding a border of mulch or small white pebbles is an option too. Building a sidewalk of stones, flagstones or pebbles embedded in concrete will really add curbside appeal.

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Use sidewalks for practical purposes. Create sidewalks for some yard areas that don’t stand out. If you need to walk a long way from your back porch to a garage, construct a narrow sidewalk. Use small sections of concrete, each troweled flat to the lawn level, but plant grass between the sections. This type of sidewalk keeps you from walking in a muddy area when it’s raining.

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Landscaping and lighting provide artistic appeal. To make a small cottage home more attractive, create a sidewalk with small borders of trailing vines or easy-maintenance creeping groundcover on each side. At the porch or front curbside, install a post lantern on each side of the walkway. Use small solar lights on stakes every 5 or 6 feet along each border. Buy some attractive containers for blooming flowers that you place among the planted borders, too.

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Roof covering can work well over some sidewalks. For example, if you build a 6-foot wide walkway from your back door to your carport, add a covered roof, which makes the sidewalk handy for carrying groceries inside during rain or unloading dry cleaning. Think of the sidewalk space as a patio, and add a table to place items on for loading or unloading in the car.

A covered sidewalk leading to a small table next to a side door.
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