What Can You Do on the iPad?


The iPad boasts access to more than a million apps and hardware powerful enough to do nearly anything a traditional computer can do. Business people use their iPads to view and edit documents on the go. Artists, writers and musicians embrace the iPad as a premier content-creation platform. In the home, the iPad offers a wealth of entertainment possibilities all packed into a device that weighs just a single pound.

Work Remotely

  • Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and the entire suite of Apple office apps are available in the App Store. Beyond document management, apps such as Slack, Basecamp, Trello, Asana and Salesforce give you portable access to all your project management tools, so you're always on task and able to keep in touch with the project team. This list doesn't include the hundreds of other apps that connect you with almost any Web and desktop software used in business today. Whatever the use case, working from your iPad can be business as usual.

Create Art, Write, Make Music

  • When David Hockney -- one of the most famous living artists in Britain -- exhibited paintings he created using an iPad at Young Museum in San Francisco, he effectively put to rest the question of the iPad's content-creation properties. The iPad affords visual artists an essentially infinite canvas for creating art, and the App Store offers hundreds of apps to facilitate their creations. Musicians and writers are in on the game as well. For musicians, the breadth and depth of available apps spans synth and drum-machine emulators, MIDI controllers, multitrack machines, tuners and other music creation tools. For writers, the list of text-editing apps is long, but they all have one thing in common -- a distraction-free environment for writing and editing work.

Play Games

  • When you think of iOS games, you might think of "Angry Birds," "Cut the Rope" or "Candy Crush" but they barely scratch the surface. Check out "Best of" lists from online publications to get a true picture of the incredible array of games available for the iPad. Games featuring lush 3-D graphics, incredible puzzle elements and satisfying gameplay mechanics can be found throughout the App Store.

Watch Videos, Listen to Music, Read Books and Magazines

  • When the iPad first launched, its entertainment capabilities were among the first qualities lauded by critics and users alike. There's nothing quite like pulling up a streaming movie when you're sitting at the airport, and it's hard to beat lying down in bed to read a 700-page novel in low light from a lightweight device. The form factor of the iPad makes it an ideal device for consuming all forms of media, and the App Store offers you thousands of options for sourcing that media.

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