Five Tips For Searching for a Job Online

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Find a job online faster by not looking the way everyone does.

Finding a job online may not be as easy as you might think, because, unlike sending a resume through the mail, you can sometimes be competing with thousands of other people looking for the same job as you. Learn a few tips for outsmarting and out-searching some job searchers online and you will be closer to getting that dream job than many other job candidates.

  1. Google Alerts

    • The first place people search for jobs is the major online job sites. This can be a lot of work, however, so use Google Alerts. Like a tireless job search assistant that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you, Google alerts can let you know the instant a job opportunity is posted. Google alerts can be set to alert you when a search you set up yields new results. Alerts can be used for any search, but use them for job searching and you'll have an effective tool in your job-searching arsenal that most job searchers don't know about. Simply perform a Google search for the job you want posted for a specific site or across the Internet, turn on alerts and set Google Alerts instant notification of new results. Imagine the edge you will have with instant job opportunity notification.

    Job-Specific Sites

    • Job boards focused on a specific function or industry are available, and you should search them frequently. Not all jobs posted at these niche sites are posted on the major sites. Part of your strategy should be to search where the masses are not searching.

    Large Aggregated Sites

    • Search large sites such as, and Since the number of jobs listed at the large sites is massive, be specific about the job you are looking for. For example, perform industry, geographic and job title searches. For job titles, use multiple descriptions, because each company may describe the same job differently.

    Social Media

    • Use social media. LinkedIn, for example, has 100 million members as of March 2011, and a million new members join weekly. The site provides a robust job search function. More importantly, if you build direct connections there, your contacts can help you find a job and they can introduce you to people ready to hire who are not directly connected to you. Join LinkedIn groups where people want to hire people like you. Be active in the groups and connect with people there. Provide value before you ask for help.


    • Become active in forums related to your career so that you can be alerted to any job opportunities. Google Groups, for example, has thousands of online forums. To find a group to become involved in, simply search Google Groups for your specialty area.

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