Windows Bento Alternatives

Bento software is a personal database program designed for computers running on the Macintosh operating platform. In addition to synchronizing contacts and calendars, users have the ability to print mailing lists and sign-up sheets. Bento facilitates network file sharing and generates driving directions. Similar programs are available for computers running on Windows operating platforms.

  1. Verside

    • Verside is an application that operates via a web browser. Most web browsers, including Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome are compatible with Verside. Users download the program installer to their computer desktops. Personal files are then uploaded to the program server. Internet access is required to log-in and utilize Verside database tools. Users have the ability to categorize personal files, create task entries and organize contact lists. Visit the official Verside blog for detailed information about program upgrades and operating instructions. The Verside web application is free of charge.


    • Users must set up an account at the official Evernote website. Text notes, webpages and photos stored in the Evernote database are accessible from any electronic device. Evernote database information is instantly organized and indexed for fast retrieval. Tags can be added. Information is divided into files, called notebooks. The basic Evernote program is free. Premium service that provides users with features including more information storage space and additional technical support, is available for $5 per month or $45 annually, as of March 2011.


    • Microsoft OneNote is a part of Microsoft Office software. Users organize text, photos, digital handwriting and audio/video files into files called notebooks. Notebook files are stored on the user's computer hard drive. OneNote provides a search engine that facilitates quick file retrieval. Users select pre-designed templates or customize a template for information storage. The official Microsoft website provides detailed operating instructions. A free trial version is available as of March 2011, and suggested retail pricing for the full version included with Microsoft Office is $279.99.

    FileMaker Pro

    • FileMaker Pro software is used for data management in government, business and educational settings. Dropping Microsoft Excel data into FileMaker Pro allows a user to create a custom database. Generate reports in Microsoft Excel or Portable Document formats. Tools allow users to create surveys, customer feedback forms and registration sites. All projects can be published directly to the web. FileMaker Pro software has the ability to share files with computers that run on Windows and Macintosh operating platforms. A free trial version is available, as of March 2011, and suggested retail pricing for the full version is $299.

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