Goldline Chlorinator Troubleshooting


The Goldline chlorinator by Aqua Plus automatically adds chlorine to your pool, which helps sanitize your pool and keeps algae from growing. Aqua Plus designs this product to work efficiently. If you do experience issues with your Goldline chlorinator, you can troubleshoot the problem, saving you both time and money.

Display Issues

  • Your Goldline chlorinator is factory set to display numbers in the English system. You may, however, accidentally change the display setting to metric when you are in the Super Chlorinate mode. You must depress the button next to the display to change the display back to the English system. Hold down the button until you see the temperature, and then push the main switch to the Super Chlorinate setting. Then, move it back to Auto.

No Chlorine Reading

  • The no chlorine reading means that your pool is not receiving any or enough chlorine. If your water is green and you have this reading, try cleaning your main filter since it may be clogged. Increase your filter cycle time, and make sure that chlorine stabilizer is in the correct range of 60 to 80 parts per million. Test your chemicals and adjust as needed. Try using the Super Chlorinate mode to add chlorine to your pool. If your pool water is clear and you receive this reading, make sure that the chlorine stabilizer is between 30 and 80 ppm, and test your chemicals. Increase your filter cycle time. If you recently used an algaecide, use the Super Chlorinate mode.


  • Slime on the walls of your pool and pool cleaner indicates that you have algae growing in your pool. Clean your pool using a brush to remove any visible algae. Next, increase your filter cycle time to ensure that it is running long enough to deal with the algae problem. Use the Super Chlorinate mode to add chlorine.

Additional Issues

  • If your skin or eyes become irritated after swimming in your pool, immediately test your chemical levels, and ensure that the pH levels are correct. If not, correct the pH levels before swimming in your pool again. The company recommends that you aim for pH levels between 7.2 and 7.6. If your pool has a strong chlorine odor, you probably have too many chloramines in your pool. Chloramines develop when you don’t have enough free chlorine in your pool due to the combining of active chlorine and nitrogen molecules. Adjust your pool chemical levels, and use the Super Chlorinate mode.

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