After Effects of Spaying

Spaying your female pets prevents pregnancy.
Spaying your female pets prevents pregnancy. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Animal lovers should seriously consider spaying female pets. Unwanted offspring are difficult to find homes for and often must be euthanized. The best way to cut down on unwanted animals is to spay and neuter animals; a male and female dog and their puppies can produce an estimate 67,000 offspring in 6 years. In addition to the social benefit, spayed animals make better and healthier pets.

Healthier Animal

Spayed females have a decreased risk of cancer in the uterus, ovaries and mammary tissues. They also have less frequent urinary tract infections. Because of their increased health, animals that have been spayed often live longer lives.

No Pregnancy

One of the most direct benefits of spaying your animal is that there is no chance she can become pregnant. Dealing with unplanned puppies can be a considerable difficulty, especially if you want to find good homes for them. Cost will be incurred with pregnancy care and providing basic care for the puppies. It is much cheaper to have your animal spayed than to have her deliver.

No Heat

Sexually intact female animals will go into heat. Symptoms of menstruation in dogs include bleeding and frequent urination; dogs may need to be kept in diapers at certain parts of their cycles. The heat cycle will occur at least twice a year. Menstruation can be avoided by spaying the animal. Unless you are planning to breed your animal, it will be much easier to care for her if she is spayed.

Possibility of Increased Agression

Female animals that display aggression before being spayed may continue or even increase in aggressive behaviors after spaying. Spaying disrupts the creation of the hormone progesterone, which functions as a calming agent. This effect is unique to females; neutering males inhibits testosterone production and makes the dog calmer. The difference between male and female hormone cycles accounts for the difference between effects of spaying and neutering.

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