Fun Halloween Games for Preschoolers


When hosting a Halloween party for preschoolers, plan a few games for them to play. Fun games create bonds between classmates and make the event enjoyable for the youngsters. Halloween can be both exciting and scary for preschoolers, so gear the games toward the silly characters of Halloween to prevent the children from being scared.

Halloween Memory Game

  • Place several Halloween-related items on a tray, such as a miniature pumpkin, piece of candy corn, plastic toy skeleton, an apple and a plastic toy witch. Hold the tray in front of the preschoolers, and have them take a good look at all the items. Put the tray away, and have each preschooler tell you an item that was on the tray. Award those who are correct a small prize such as Halloween stickers.

Marshmallow Bobbing

  • Fill a large bucket with ice, full-size marshmallows and water. Cut straws in half and give one to each preschooler. The shorter straw makes it easier for the children to suck up the marshmallow. Have two preschoolers stand beside the bucket with their straw. When you say, "Go," the first player to suck a marshmallow up to the bottom of the straw and place it on a plate wins the game. Allow the child a chance to eat the marshmallow, if he would like to.

Guess the Ghost

  • Select one player to go out of the classroom, and place a large white sheet over one of the preschoolers. Have all the preschoolers stand in a circle. Bring the preschooler back in the room, and tell him to figure out who the ghost is through the process of elimination. If he guesses correctly, he earns a prize. The player who is under the sheet goes outside for the next game, and you can select a new "ghost." For added decoration, tape two black eyes and a mouth on the sheet to resemble the looks of a ghost.

Colored Pumpkins

  • Paint miniature pumpkins in several different colors, and write each color on a small slip of paper. Place the slips of paper in a bowl, and put the pumpkins in a circle on the ground. Play Halloween-theme music, and have the preschoolers walk in a circle around the pumpkins. When the music stops, they must each stand beside one of the pumpkins. Draw a color from the bowl and award a small prize to the preschooler standing beside that color pumpkin.

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