The Effects of Technology on Language & Communication

The rapid development of technology has a significant effect on the way people lead their lives. With the Internet becoming omnipresent, and gadgets like computers and smart phones being accessible to everybody, the pace with which people live and work has picked up. Changes in the way people communicate and changes in the language they use are only some of the many changes development brought along.

  1. Abbreviations

    • Language is a living thing which naturally evolves and changes with time as people use it. Because of the fast pace of life brought by technology, people started shortening down phrases and words in writing, to the point of almost deforming them. Commonly used words and phrases got shortened as people wanted to save time with typing them. For example, the phrase "Thank you" was shortened to"Tnx", and the word "OK" was shortened to only "k."

    New Words

    • A very obvious side effect of the development of technology on language and communication is the appearance of new words. Before the Internet, there was no need for the word Internet, and before the smart phone, there was no need for the term to describe the gadget. As these new things appear and evolve, so does the need for new words to describe them, and the using of these words becomes more and more common with time.

    Everybody is Online

    • With everybody having almost unlimited access to the Internet, information and people are at reach at all times. There are various options of how you can reach people: you have phones, emails, online chats and social networking sites. This makes it easy to quickly say hello to a friend or an acquittance. In addition to that, it also enables people to work together even if they live in opposite parts of the world. In that sense, technology is removing time and space barriers between people.

    Communicating Has More Alternatives

    • The way people communicate has profoundly changed with the development of technology. It's now possible to get in touch with others in many different ways. Communicating face to face is no longer necessary anymore for work or social purposes. Chatting online has become a big part of communicating between people, especially among kids and teenagers. A similar effect can be seen in other fields as well. For example it is common for business meetings to be conducted over conference calls or video conferences.

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