Homemade Scary Outside Halloween Decorations


It's easy to decorate outside for Halloween without spending a lot of money. Even better, putting together your own decorations or coming up with inexpensive ideas is fun and a good way to get your creativity going. Turn this project into quality family time by involving your spouse and kids in making scary decorations without the frightening price tag.

Hidden Body

  • Gather a big pile of leaves from your yard to make a hidden dead body decoration. Stuff a man's shirt and pants with leaves, then throw a bunch of leaves on top of the "body," leaving only the arms and legs sticking out. Opt for adding a hat, gloves and shoes where the head, hands and feet would be, if there were any. It will look like a body is buried within the leaves. Mix up the details however you'd like, such as adding fake bloody hands or tossing a plastic weapon on the ground nearby.

Tree of Heads

  • Buy some inexpensive but scary masks from a costume shop or a dollar store. Stuff the masks with newspaper so they look full, then hang them from tree branches to look like a macabre collection of severed heads. Add skulls to the mix to give the scene an extra eerie edge.

Bloody Evidence

  • Create a crime scene in front of your house that's worthy of a horror movie. Trickle fake blood all over the sidewalks -- you can use corn syrup mixed with red food coloring -- hay bales, grass, pumpkins and any other decorations you have on your lawn. Leave a few plastic weapons lying around and wrap some crime scene tape around the area. On Halloween night, play spooky music that will creep out your trick-or-treaters.


  • Simulate a graveyard by painting cardboard or foam to look like headstones and placing them all around your yard. Stick fake skeleton parts such as feet, hands and skulls out of each gravesite. Monster hands and zombie masks work great, too. Drip fake blood over the graves and stones. Add details as they emerge from your family's creative brainstorming.


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