What Is a Marketing Tactic?


Marketing tactics are various steps or strategies companies take to increase customer visits and sales. Marketing tactics can involve the manipulation of products to meet customers' needs, or pertain more to pricing specials, displays or distribution. Whatever the case, companies need to to implement various marketing tactics to stay competitive. One reason is that your competitors will actively be using their own marketing tactics. Therefore, decide what marketing tactics are best for your own business.

Target Audience

There are going to be certain consumers who are more inclined to use your products and services. These consumers comprise your primary target audience. Your target audience can be distinguished by various demographic variables like age, income, education and occupation. They also may have certain lifestyles or buying patterns that are unique. For example, weightlifters use nutritional supplements like protein shakes. Late-night workers may like to buy breakfast at your restaurant. Focus your marketing efforts on your best customers or those types of customers who are most likely to buy your product. Confirm your key target audience by conducting marketing research surveys. Have customers fill out surveys when they visit your business establishment. Include questions such as age, income and hobbies. Also, ask these customers how often they visit your business and how much they spend on average. Determine which types of customers spend the most by tabulating your surveys.

Stressing Customer Service

Another key marketing tactic is stressing customer service as a business owner or manager. You should strive for the best customer service before and after a sale. Greet customers as they enter your store or business establishment. Help them find what they want. Additionally, provide fair return or refund policies for damaged or defective merchandise. For example, allow customers to return merchandise for any reason the first 30 days. Try to outdo the competition with respect to customer service.

Optimize Your Advertising Mix

Your advertising mix pertains to the types of advertising your use as well as the percentages you spend for each advertising medium. Your advertising mix will be highly contingent upon the type of business you run, the age of the products and your competition. For example, online businesses would likely spend most of their advertising dollars promoting their products on the Internet. Retailers may spend a higher percentage of their advertising budget with coupon magazines. Large consumer products companies may use a combination of television, magazine and radio ads. Test various advertising media. Collectively, find out which types of advertising generate the highest levels of customer traffic and sales.

Building Repeat Business

The bulk of your sales will come from repeat buyers who are highly satisfied with your products or services. Therefore, offer the best products and services possible at reasonable prices. One highly effective way of building repeat business is by using loyalty programs. These are consistent promotion that reward customers according to how much they purchase. Grocery stores, airlines and movie theaters use loyalty programs quite successfully. A grocery store, for example, may provide customers with discounts on foods and household products based on their weekly purchases. Customers may receive 5 percent off for purchases under $50, 7 percent off for purchases between $51 and $99 dollars; and 10 percent off for sales over $100. An easy way to start a loyalty program is by handing out cards that you stamp each time a customer visits, especially if you offer a service. Subsequently, offer a free haircut or perm, for example, on a customers' ninth visit.

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