Float Ideas for the St. Patrick's Day Parade


New York City's famous St. Patrick's Day Parade was first held in 1762, and honors and recognizes Irish-Americans serving in the military. St. Patrick's Day parade floats should pay homage to servicemen while also celebrating everything Irish.

Military Honoring Float

  • In keeping with the history of military service by Irish-Americans, the float should include the shape of an Army tank, replete with soldiers representing, through dress uniforms, the periods of World Wars I and II, as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars. Irish soldiers should be surrounded on the float by memorabilia in keeping with the war they represent. Rotate radio broadcast updates about each war through the float pulling the vehicle's sound system or add a sound system to the float.

Go Green Float

  • Irish green goes hand-in-hand with the "go green" environmental movement, so combine the two for a parade float. Paint recycling bins green and put empty, green painted gallon water jugs in the bins. Fill some of the bins with candy and give out to parade spectators. Throw edible green dyed rice in the air for show. Make white signs with green writing to stand upright on the float that encourage viewers to reuse and recycle.

Lucky Leprechaun Float

  • Play up the leprechaun angle of Irish culture and the magic of "the pot at the end of the rainbow" on the float. Include a pot of fake gold (use foil covered pieces of cardboard to represent coins), prominently displayed in the center of the float and tipped over so spectators can see the gold coins spilling out. Have short adults dress as leprechauns, delighting children and making them wonder if leprechauns really exist. Hang empty Lucky Charm boxes along the bottom of the float's sides and toss out chocolate covered candy in gold colored foil. Play a traditional Irish tune and have leprechauns dance an Irish jig as they throw candy.

Potato Float

  • Have an old Irish woman sitting in a rocking chair in front of a large black pot atop a fake fire on the float. Place bags of potatoes all around her on the fake grass float floor. Leave one bag of potatoes open on each side of her, with several potatoes strewn about her loosely. Rig the black pot to issue smoke, as if she is really making Irish potato stew. Have her throw in a cut potato every now and then.


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