Can I Have More Than One Television in a House Connected to Cox Digital Television?


Fortunately for families or those looking to frequently entertain guests, it is simple enough to have more than one television in your house connected to and able to receive Cox Digital Cable. You will need to fulfill hardware and connection requirements for each television you are looking to connect to Cox Digital television, and the arrangement must be made with Cox prior to hookup. However, outside of maintaining the proper hookups between your television and the Cox Digital receiver box, no further setup or preparation is needed.

Hardware Requirements

  • Multiple Cox Cable receiver boxes are required if you wish to have Cox Digital Cable in multiple rooms. There will need to be one Cox Cable receiver box for every TV you plan on watching Cox Digital Cable on. This will involve an up-charge on your bill that will vary depending on your location and when you choose to sign up for Cox service (see Resource section for Cox contact information). Cox will need to be aware of the intended number of TVs you plan on pairing with Cox Digital Cable, so plan for this ahead of time.

Outlet Requirements

  • Ensure that all rooms that you wish to feature Cox Digital Cable in contain the proper wall hookups. Each room will need a cable outlet, or more exactly, a wall outlet that accommodates a coaxial cable connection. This is where the coaxial cable leading from the cable receiver box will go into, and this hookup must exist in close proximity to your receiver box and television set.

Coaxial Cable Adjustments

  • The coaxial cable for each of your Cox Digital Cable boxes must be inserted into the "ANT IN" port on the rear of the receiver box, and the other end of the coaxial cable must be connected into the wall outlet. Also, another coaxial cable must plug into the "Cable Out" port on the back of each of the receivers, with the other end plugging into the "ANT IN" port on the back of each TV. However, simply having the coaxial cable in place within the "ANT IN" port on each of the digital cable receiver boxes may not be enough. This cable particularly needs to be snug in the back of each box; otherwise, picture degradation may occur. Tighten the cable if necessary by twisting it clockwise in the port.

Audio/Video Connections

  • Incorrectly connected Cox Cable receiver boxes will result in problematic television signal reception on your affected TVs. Each Cox Cable receiver box operates independently of the others, and each works in tandem specifically to the TV in the room it is assigned to. The communication between the receiver box and the TV is established via the use of audio/video cables. The standard audio/video cables that ship with each of your Cox Cable receiver boxes are composite cables. Each composite cable possesses two sets of three prongs, with each set being on opposite ends of the cable. Each of the sets has one red, one yellow and one white prong, for a total of two of each on the cable. There are composite ports both on the back of the TV and the back of the Cox Digital receiver box. The composite cable for each TV and receiver box combo you are using must have one set of its prongs plug into the composite ports on the back of the TV, and the other set must plug into the composite ports on the back of the receiver box. The prongs and ports must match in color, so a red prong must plug into a red port, and so on.

Activate Receiver

  • Plug your receiver's power cable into a power outlet. Retrieve your order number from your sales receipt or from your confirmation email that Cox sends upon signing up for service. Call the toll-free activation number that's also found in the documentation, then provide your order number. The cable boxes will be activated remotely.

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