Types of Snakes That Live in Utah


The state of Utah has a number of varied habitats, from sandy, arid deserts to grassy wetlands and mountainous forest regions. Spread throughout these varied areas are 31 species of native snakes, some of which are venomous. For the most part, Utah's snakes are small to medium in size and not dangerous to humans.

Utah has a range of varied habitats.
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The southern part of Utah is home to the greatest diversity of snake species, with the southwest offering the best habitats for many varieties. The coachwhip, glassy snake, groundsnake, Smith's blackhead, spotted leaf-nosed, western lyresnake, west patchnose and western threadsnake are all found solely in the southwest. The southeast is home to the black-necked garter snake, with the common king snake found all across the south of Utah.

The common king snake is found throughout southern Utah.
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In the north of Utah, among the mountainous forests, can be found two localized species -- the rubber boa and the smooth grass snake. The cornsnake is also found in the rocky forest regions in the northeastern part of the state. In the northwest region of the state can be found the long-nosed snake, a species that can be confused with some venomous varieties, but is harmless.

The cornsnake is found in the northeast of Utah.
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Most of Utah's snakes are found only in certain areas but several species are more widespread. Species that are found all over the state include the eastern racer, gopher snake, striped whip snake and the terrestrial garter snake. Other, slightly less-common species include the common garter, milksnake, ring-necked snake and the Sonoran king snake. All of these species are found in the central regions of the state.

The gopher snake can be found throughout the state of Utah.
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Utah is home to seven species of venomous snake, all of which are classed as rattlesnakes. These species are all mainly found in the southern part of the state with the speckled, Mojave, Great Basin, sidewinder and Hopi rattlesnakes being mainly in the southwest. In the southeast of the state can be found the green prairie and midget faded rattler species. The nightsnake found throughout the state also produces venom to subdue its prey, but is not toxic enough to harm humans.

The sidewinder rattlesnake is so called for its unique way of moving across the sand.
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