What Kinds of Jobs Are in the Marketing Field?


There are many diverse jobs in the marketing field. With a marketing degree or background, you can find employment at a marketing, advertising or public relations firm. You also can find opportunities in the private sector. Marketing professionals are hired at all levels.

Entry Level Positions

  • A common entry-level position in the marketing field is a marketing coordinator, who performs marketing and administrative tasks for public or private organizations. Marketing coordinators are responsible for handing marketing and advertising communications between their place of business and the outside professional world. They often help to implement marketing strategies and plans, write newsletters or publications and write external correspondence, among other tasks. Marketing coordinators may work for a doctor's office or law firm, or other private business that needs to promote a good image and attract potential clients or customers from the local community. Related entry-level positions are communications coordinator and public relations coordinator. Both of these positions (which may vary nominally) are often fulfilled by marketing majors or professionals with marketing experience. Communications coordinators and public relations coordinators perform a lot of the same administrative and external relations duties that marketing coordinators perform. However, these positions are often filled at companies or public organizations that do not execute formal marketing campaigns. For instance, a communications coordinator for a local charity has to market the charity to the public to promote a good image within the local community but does not normally follow a formal marketing strategy or plan as a private retailer or for-profit business would.

Beginner Firm Positions

  • Marketing, advertising and public relations firms rarely hire candidates with no marketing experience. However, firms do hire candidates with a year or two of professional experience to fill positions as marketing assistants, marketing associates or account assistants. These positions vary from one firm to the next, but generally employees holding these beginner positions are assigned to clients or accounts, for which they perform a lot of administrative or basic marketing tasks. In an entry-level role, these professionals have a lot of exposure to the duties involved in upper-level positions at the firm. They learn how to successfully manage accounts and how to deal with clients. If successful, these beginners will advance to higher positions in the firm, such as junior account manager, senior account manager or account supervisor.

Senior Level Firm Positions

  • Marketing manager and account supervisor positions are normally occupied by senior-level employees, who collaborate with other marketing experts and consultants to identify market trends, forecast sales and decide product pricing and distribution. Marketing managers and account supervisors are often hired by big retail companies that have extensive inventory or by retailers of a certain product or line of goods. They must have extensive knowledge about stock and market fluctuations, as well as knowledge about current consumer trends. Marketing manager and account supervisor positions normally require candidates to have years of experience in the field, since they serve at an executive level.

Outside the Firm Jobs

  • Whole sale representatives, merchandise buyers and marketing analysts are examples of marketing professionals who work outside of a marketing house or firm. These professionals often work for marketing, sales or advertising departments at a large, private companies or retailers. Whole sale representatives market lines of products or goods to other businesses or retailers. For instance, a wholesale representative may work for a clothing company and have to promote her company's product line to department stores or retail chains. Wholesale Representatives must negotiate contracts with potential clients and maintain good relationships with other businesses. They also may oversee manufacturing or distribution. Often, wholesale representatives are paid a base salary supplemented by a commission or bonus that is based on the contracts they successfully negotiate. Merchandise buyers normally work for large department stores or catalog companies. They select which lines and brands a store or company will sell. They have to be very knowledgeable about current trends and about marketing trends, more generally. Marketing analysts are marketing professionals who advise companies about the latest trends to affect the retail market and to advise companies about successful marketing strategies and campaigns. Marketing analysts often work for companies that produce that a specific brand or product. Thus, the marketing analyst has to stay current about general market trends, as well as consumer trends within the buyer market that their particular brand or product targets.

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