What Kind of Dog Food Do I Feed My Pomeranian?

Pomeranian dogs were a favourite of British monarchs.
Pomeranian dogs were a favourite of British monarchs. (Image: Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Pomeranians are a popular toy-sized breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club, with famous previous owners including Queen Victoria and Mozart. Like all other breeds of dogs, Pomeranians need a balanced diet in order to grow and live healthy lives. They do not have any specific dietary needs that separate them from other dogs, but you must choose the best food to help them grow.


Dry dog food is readily available from local stores and pet shops and is the most economical choice. Dry food will help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy, since chewing crunchy dry food helps to reduce tartar build up, an important factor considering Pomeranians are prone to dental problems such as early tooth loss. Feeding them dry dog food will help to reduce this risk.


Canned dog food has a long shelve life, making it appealing to many owners, despite it being more expensive than the dry variety. Be careful to look into how much digestible protein is in each can however. Many canned foods do not contain all of the goodness that your dog needs, which is why some owners mix canned food with dry. Indigestible protein will pass straight through a dog, so if your canned food has lot of it, it should be avoided.


Pet stores carry a large selection of semimoist dog food. In most cases, they are shaped like pork chops, burgers or other meaty foods. These are however the least nutritionally beneficial types of food that you can give to your dog. They should only be used on one-off occasions or as treats as they contain many unhealthy artificial colorings and flavors.


Pomeranian dogs can be fed a raw diet that consists of raw meat, preferably on the bone. Bones are a natural source of calcium and phosphorous, which will again help reduce dental problems. Pomeranian dogs can easily consume and digest raw foods as they have short intestinal tracts and strong stomach acids. Never cook bones, as this makes them soft and increases the chances of choking.

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