Clogs in the Toilet

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Toilet clogs may result in costly plumbing bills.

A troublesome toilet clog can lead to an expensive repair bill from a plumber. However, you can try to remove the clog yourself to save both time and money. Clogs are results of excess toilet paper, hair or foreign objects in the drain. In some occasions, you may need to replace the toilet or get a professional repair done.

  1. Preparation

    • Prepare to remove the toilet clog by placing plenty of old towels down around the bowl. Use a bucket to remove most of the water currently in the toilet and any foreign objects or excess toilet paper. You might want to wear rubber gloves to keep your hands clean.


    • Use a basic toilet plunger, which is a bathroom essential that you can purchase at any dollar store, to plunge the toilet. Place the surface of the plunger over the hole in the toilet and plunge up and down quickly but also firmly to remove the clog using suction.

    Snake or Auger

    • Deeper clogs may require you to use a device that can physically touch and remove the clog, such as a snake or closet auger which has a hook-shaped or corkscrew twist at the bottom. Insert it into the drain and twist it until you reach an object. Twist the object to grab it and slowly pull it out of the toilet. If you can't pull it out, you may still loosen the material and attempt to plunge it out.

    Drain Cleaners

    • Do not use drain cleaners to force a clog out. They will not work and are not designed to remove objects. If you cannot remove the clog yourself, call a plumber to get it professionally fixed.

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