What Jobs Require Public Speaking?


Job seekers don't search for employment in public speaking specifically but rather jobs that require that skill. Some college graduates attended school particularly to learn speech communications, which gives them a broad array of job opportunities. Because the job pool is so broad for this skill, however, it may be difficult for some graduates to choose which career path to take. Before making that decision, consider these several professions that require public speaking.

Motivational Speaker

  • Although most motivational speaking does not require a formal education, it does help to have experience and a knack for speaking in front of large, public audiences. A motivational speaker's purpose is to persuade and motivate audiences. For example, from a business perspective, a motivational speaker would inform the public about the company's goals and what it hopes to achieve not only for the company itself but for the public as well. The career usually requires a charismatic, energetic person to motivate audiences.

Radio & Television Reporter

  • Broadcasting needs individuals who are comfortable with airing their personalities through media, whether radio or television. If you flip on the radio, one of the first voices you will notice (besides that in a song) is the host of a station. Very rarely will you come across a host with a bland, timid personality. Those broadcasting over radio must be comfortable and confident in their public speaking abilities. The same goes for a television reporter. The only difference is that a reporter's appearance is also aired for millions of viewers to see.


  • Although you may not be speaking in front of as large of an audience as you would be with motivational speaking, you are still standing in front of a large handful of students when you are in a teaching career. With K-12, your audience will be smaller compared to a college professor's teaching a class of more than 100 students. In either case, public speaking plays an important role because it is the teacher who must influence the students to do well or to become interested in the subject he is teaching.

Sales Representative

  • It is relatively easy to identify someone working in sales. A sales representative -- whether he sells alcohol, cars, or tools -- will play with many persuasive techniques on the job. Although experience is not required for all sales positions, to climb your way up in a company, you must know how to have that persuasive effect on customers and you develop that effect from experiences with clients, speaking with them on a daily basis.

    Public speaking is vital to this job position, for you must be confident in the product you are selling, as well as the information about the product that you are relaying to a specific customer. Making a sale depends on how you deliver the information about the product.

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