Can Kindle Read Ebooks?


The Kindle is a proprietary electronic book (e-book) reader designed and sold by Amazon. The device uses a 6-inch grayscale e-ink display to electronically simulate paper and print and stores its library of up to 3000 books in its internal memory storage. The Kindle can read a variety of different e-book formats and you can purchase and download e-books directly from Amazon's online store.

File Formats

  • Amazon uses its own AZW file format when purchasing e-books from its online store, which features a digital rights management (DRM) method of copyrighting the material. Most of these e-books allow the buyer to download them to up to six different Kindle-equipped devices, including the Kindle applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. Other e-book formats can be manually loaded on the Kindle including MOBI, PRC, TXT and PDF files, although the device is unable to read any of these formats if they contain copyright protection.


  • E-books stored on the Kindle are presented in the device's library as individual files that can be manually arranged into folders for organizational purposes. Once an e-book has been opened, the Kindle keeps track of the last page viewed even if other e-books are subsequently opened. Annotations and notes can be inserted into an e-book at any point by the reader and a text-to-voice system is built into the device allowing the Kindle to read an e-book aloud or through headphones. At 8.5-ounces the Kindle is generally lighter than most paperback novels with a battery life lasting between three weeks and a month.

Adding E-books

  • E-books can be purchased directly on the Kindle device from Amazon's online store once credit card details have been associated with the user's account. Any e-books purchased on the Kindle will be automatically charged to this credit card. A user's existing library of e-books can be transferred to the Kindle manually either by emailing them as attachments or uploading them via a USB cable. Should a previously purchased e-book be deleted from the Kindle it can be downloaded again for free from Amazon.

Additional Content

  • Alongside e-books the Kindle is able to read a variety of other written content. Electronic magazine and newspaper subscriptions are available through Amazon, with new issues being delivered automatically at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Subscriptions are then charged at a monthly rate to the registered credit card on the account. Blogs and websites can also be subscribed to, with new content delivered whenever the Kindle is synchronized with the publisher via the Internet. Audio books and music can be stored on the Kindle and listened to through its internal speaker or via headphones.


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