Different Kinds of Geckos

Leopard geckos are common desert dwellers.
Leopard geckos are common desert dwellers. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Geckos are relatives of lizards and members of the reptile family. While there are over 600 species of geckos, there are some common types of gecko that are varied and unique. Geckos, unlike lizards, vocalize with short chirps or barks. All geckos are insectivorous, meaning their diet consists of insects. Geckos are found in nearly all regions of the world and are popular pets.

Leopard Gecko

Commonly kept as pets, leopard geckos are desert-dwellers. Leopard geckos have clawed feet and cannot climb glass, so they are ideal for terrariums. Leopard geckos are distinct for their varied spotting over beige or brown coloring. Leopard geckos grow from 5 to 8 inches and can live up to 20 years in captivity.

Banded Gecko

Banded geckos are a group of nocturnal large-tailed reptiles that inhabit much of the southwestern United States. These geckos are noted for their dark-colored bands or stripes across their bodies. Banded geckos generally live in crevices or cracks and feed at night, hiding under moist objects like trash. One of the best places to collect banded geckos is a landfill or trash dump.

House Gecko

House geckos live in close proximity to humans across the world, frequently staying near light sources outside. These cute creatures are generally only a few inches long and feed on mosquitoes, moths and other insects at night. House geckos have sticky pads on their feet that let them climb and adhere to any surface. Scientists have yet to determine how their pads work, according to Animal World.

Giant Gecko

The largest species of gecko is the New Caledonian giant gecko, which lives in trees and feeds at night on large insects. While it is the largest gecko, the New Caledonian only grows up to 14 inches. Bulkier than most geckos, the giant gecko is easier to handle than their smaller relatives. The giant gecko is found in the wild only in New Caledonia, a small island off the northeast coast of Australia, but specimens can be found across the globe.

Flying Gecko

A unique type of gecko is the flying gecko, which lives in subtropical and tropical forests in Southeast Asia. The flying gecko is specially adapted to leap from limb to limb in trees, gliding thanks to loose flaps of skin on both sides of the body. These geckos are incredibly fast and small, chasing down prey in moist habitats. Flying geckos are camouflaged for their habitats, with green and brown variations that let them blend in.

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