At Home Cat Dandruff Remedies

Feed your cat a healthy diet to help cure dandruff issues.
Feed your cat a healthy diet to help cure dandruff issues. (Image: Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Cat dandruff consists of dead skin cells that your cat sheds, and occurs for a variety of reasons including allergic reactions, skin problems, climate and obesity. These skin cells contain a protein that affects those allergic to cats. Treat your cat's dandruff naturally to provide it with relief from its flaky, dry skin.


For cats with dandruff, use a flea comb to remove as much of the dandruff as you can. Follow the combing with a natural-bristle baby brush to distribute the oils on your cat's skin throughout its coat. Daily brushing keeps the oils on you cat's skin evenly circulated throughout its coat and prevents matted, dead hair from restricting the air flow to your cat's skin. Bathing your cat can actually worsen dryness and skin flaking by removing your cat's natural skin oils. Condition your cat's skin by combining bath oil and water, spraying it on your cat's coat and massaging it into its skin to retain moisture, according to Vetinfo.


Feed your cat a high-quality canned cat food to prevent inadequate nutrition from causing your cat's dry skin. Supplement your cat's diet with omega 3 fatty acids such as flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed to calm skin inflammation and condition your cat's skin and coat from the inside out. Give your cat 1/8 tsp. ground flaxseed, flax oil or salmon oil mixed into its wet food daily to treat its dandruff. Feed your cat a wet food diet instead of dry kibble, which can contribute to dry skin and allergies in cats that result in dandruff. Results from supplementation may take four to six weeks to show improvement in your cat's coat.


Climates low in humidity, such as higher altitudes, can contribute to your cat's dry skin. To increase the moisture level of the air in your home, place a humidifier in a place where your cat likes to sleep. Cats in sunny climates can also suffer from sunburn, which can cause the skin to flake. Keep your cat indoors during the warmest part of the day, from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., to prevent sun exposure and sunburn. You can rub a small amount of olive oil into your cat's skin to help moisturize it and heal any irritation and dryness. Cats can safely ingest this vegetable oil when grooming and you can even add 1/2 tsp. to your cat's food to relieve dry skin.


Cat dandruff can result from obesity in cats. Cats who cannot groom themselves properly due to their size can have a build-up of flakes in their lower back and base of their tail. Consider putting your cat on a weight-loss diet and brushing this area daily to remove skin flakes. Check your cat for parasites that can cause scabby, flaky skin. Bring your cat for a check up with its veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease or allergies that can cause dry skin in cats.

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