Fleece Dog Toys to Make

Homemade fleece dog toys are an inexpensive alternative to commercially-produced toys.
Homemade fleece dog toys are an inexpensive alternative to commercially-produced toys. (Image: Digital Vision./Photodisc/Getty Images)

Save money on dog toys by crafting your own at home using fleece and creativity. No matter the size of your dog, fleece provides an ideal material for stuffed toys, tug toys and balls. By using re-purposed fleece from old clothing and blankets, or purchasing fleece by the yard from a craft store, you can hand-craft hours of entertainment for your furry best friend.

Tug Toy

For the dog that enjoys a friendly game of tug-o-war, a braided fleece rope makes a soft, durable toy. To construct the toy, cut three 1-inch wide strips of fleece to the same length. Larger dogs will prefer a longer tug toy than smaller breeds. Secure the three pieces together using a rubber band placed 3 inches from one end. To complete the toy, tightly braid the three pieces of fleece together and place another rubber band at the end of the braid. Tie a secure knot in both ends and snip off the rubber band before engaging in a rousing round of tugging.

Pom Pom Balls

This soft version of a ball makes a safe toy for indoor play. Begin by loosely wrapping 1-by-36 inch strips of fleece around a 3-by-6 inch piece of cardboard. Overlap the wraps until approximately three strips of fleece have been wound around the cardboard guide. Carefully slide the looped fleece off of the cardboard and tie a 1-by-12 inch strip of fleece around the middle of the wraps to secure all the fleece together. Use scissors to cut each loop of fleece and create a pom-pom effect before playing fetch with this ball.

Stuffing-free Shapes

Sometimes, pooches just want something soft to gnaw on or snuggle up with. However, toys with stuffing are often too tempting for exuberant pups who rip open the toy and remove the fluff. Make a stuffing-free toy by tracing the outline of a shape onto the back of a piece of fleece. Cut out two of the same shape and pin them together with the right side of the fleece facing inward. Stitch along the perimeter of the shape, leaving a hole big enough to flip the shape right side out. Finish the toy by stitching the open area and let your pooch snuggle up. You may also choose to add a squeaker for extra entertainment before closing the hole.

Tennis Ball Loop

Combine tennis balls with this variation of a tug toy to create a fun new way to fetch. Drill a hole through both sides of a tennis ball. The hole should be large enough to thread three 24-by-36 inch long pieces of fleece that are each 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide. Once the three pieces of fleece have been threaded through the tennis ball, pull them to create an even length on both sides. Braid the pieces from both sides together into a single braid and tie off the end with a secure knot before tossing the toy for your pup to retrieve.

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