Free Sources of Fire Wood

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There are many ways to find free firewood for your home.

Heating your home with a wood stove can be cost-effective, but it is also challenging. You have to have a stock of wood available at all times, and this can get expensive, especially if you live in places where wood is not plentiful. There are, however, plenty of ways to find free wood for your stove, provided you put in the work to find and obtain it.

  1. National, State and Local Parks & Forests

    • Federal and state-run forests and parks frequently will allow the public to come and take dead wood left from storms and general clearing. The parks benefit doubly from not having to clear the forest as much and by not having to transport and dispose of the old wood. Check with your local parks department and see what their policies are. Some agencies may require a permit before wood can be taken. It is also important to follow the rules and regulations, as they may not allow cutting the wood on the premises for safety reasons.

    Classified Ads

    • Check newspaper classifieds and Internet sites for ads announcing free firewood. Landowners who have cleared their own wooded areas or have recently completed building projects may want to get rid of the wood without having to move it themselves.

    Construction Sites

    • Major construction projects frequently have to clear trees before building is to begin. This wood may be available to the public. Make sure to check with the construction site managers before taking anything. Many construction sites will also have leftover scrap wood available to people who are willing to cart it away. Just make sure that the wood has not been treated with chemicals that are harmful when incinerated.

    Businesses and Woodworking Shops

    • Businesses that have products shipped to them on wooden pallets frequently are looking for ways to get rid of them, especially if they have been damaged. Pallets can easily be taken apart and used in fireplaces and stoves. Check with the store's front office before removing any of the items. Woodworking shops and other business that use wood are bound to have scrap wood available to the public. Call or stop by the shop and inquire.


    • Wood from trees that have been knocked down by high winds or lightning have to be removed from roads, trails and lawns. Often these limbs and trunks are cleared to the side of the road for people to take.


    • For people living in wooded areas, clearing trees is often a necessity. Ask the property owners if you can help them in removing some of the wood to take home.

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