Ear Clogged Remedies

The ear is delicate, and should be kept clean and healthy.
The ear is delicate, and should be kept clean and healthy. (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

The ear is a delicate and sensitive instrument. Since sound is an important component to the way that most people perceive the world, keeping the ears healthy and clean is vital. Clogged ears can be a frustrating and sometimes painful malady. While there are several different medications and techniques that doctor can use to alleviate the problem, many times a clogged ear can be cured at home with a few remedies.


Clogged ears can occur as a result of many factors. While ear wax is a way our body defends the ear from infection and foreign particles, ear wax can sometimes build up when the natural cleaning process breaks down and cause the ears to become clogged. Clogged ears can also be caused by changes in altitude, ear infections or even stress.

Wax Removal

Wax buildup is a common cause of clogged ears. One of the easiest ways to remove wax buildup is to apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly into the clogged ear. Lie on one side with the clogged ear facing directly upwards. Have somebody use an eye dropper to apply a drop of the hydrogen peroxide directly into your ear. The hydrogen peroxide will produce bubbles as it eliminates the ear wax. If hydrogen peroxide is not available, olive oil heated to room temperature can be used. Allow the substance to sit in the ear for a few minutes before draining. Repeated applications may be needed, sometimes over the course of a couple of days, to fully clear the ear.

Water Submersion

Heat can also be used to help alleviate or even eliminate ear clogging caused by stress, infection or wax build up. The safest and easiest way to do this is to use a hot shower or bath to apply heat to the ear. Heat a bath to a comfortable temperature and submerge the ear in the water repeatedly. If using a shower, then allow water to run gently into the ear. The heat from the water should help loosen wax, soothe infections and help to relieve stress that may be causing the clogging.


Another way to help remove a clog is to stretch the ear canal. This is the easiest way to relieve clogging caused by changes in altitude and jaw tension. Take a deep breath and hold it, gently pinch the end of your nose and try to exhale through it, as if you were blowing your nose; you should feel pressure on your ears. While doing this, gently tug on the earlobe to help stretch the canal and remove any blockage. You can also stretch the ear by yawning or swallowing repeatedly while gently tugging on the ear.


Never insert an object into the ear in an attempt to remove a clogging; doing so can cause severe damage to the ear canal. Do not use ear candles, as there is no evidence of their effectiveness and they can be dangerous. If the clogging persists, consult with your doctor immediately.

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