What Are 10 Key Skills for Data Entry?


Some office jobs require different types of data entry than others. When a company requires a data entry operator to type only numbers into the database, it is called 10 key data entry because the operator typically uses only the numeric keypad. Operators require specific skills for this type of data entry.


  • An important factor in any type of data entry, speed in 10 key data entry is typically even more crucial. Because your fingers do not need to move around as much, employers will typically require a faster 10 key speed than they would for alpha-numerical data entry. The faster you are able to enter data using the 10 key keypad, the more marketable your skills will be. Practicing with online tests helps you increase your speed over time.


  • Accuracy is a key element in 10 key data entry, just as in any other type. When the information that you enter is incorrect, it will cause more problems down the line for the company. Without accuracy, speed is not important. You could easily type 400 strokes per minute, but if you have 50 or 100 mistakes in those 400 key strokes, your employer will not be impressed. Most employers require a high percentage of accuracy, some of them as high as 99 percent.


  • When you need to look at the keyboard, it slows you down, even if it doesn't feel like it. Therefore, it is important to train your fingers to know where each particular number is on the keypad. The more often you work with this type of data entry, the easier it will be for your fingers. Most 10 key keypads make things a little easier by placing a small bump on the "5" key so you can find it more easily without looking.


  • In 10 key data entry, as with everything else, practice makes perfect. Many companies that require you to use the 10 key pad for data entry will ask for your speed on the application. Some of these companies will also test you to determine how well you do under pressure. They also may want to make sure that applicants aren't lying to make themselves look better. If you practice using online practice tests, you will improve your speed and accuracy and be able to impress a future employer.

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