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A pastry chef bakes the bread for a restaurant in addition to other duties.

There are many jobs available for culinary professionals, but the best fit depends on your personality and talents. Culinary positions are available in restaurants, at resorts, in hotels, on cruise lines, on television and in food magazines. Work at a restaurant or in a food-related industry, or attend culinary school to find the job that is right for you.

  1. Executive Chef

    • The executive chef is the head of the kitchen where he works. This job is made for individuals who excel at multitasking, have experience in the industry and are capable of being responsible for the kitchen staff. Other duties include ordering products, creating a kitchen budget, planning menus and working with upper-level management to meet goals. Executive chefs work long hours and often have degrees from culinary schools in addition to knowledge regarding the food service industry.

    Pastry Chef

    • The pastry chef is in charge of preparing the desserts in a kitchen. Pastry chefs often have specialized training in this area from a culinary school or from on-the-job training under another pastry chef. This position is best for individuals who enjoy baking, as that is the main task of this position. Breads, cakes, pies and other baked goods are prepared by the pastry chef. The pastry chef is in charge of this area of the kitchen, meaning that she orders supplies, works on the menu and keeps track of the budget.

    Food Stylist

    • A food stylist makes food look good for photograph shoots and television. These images are used in food magazines, advertisements, on menus, and in television commercials and cooking shows. The food stylist position requires a mixture of cooking, creative and artistic talent to be successful. Stylists learn tricks on how to make food look more beautiful for print and television and often work freelance as consultants. Stylists can come from a culinary arts or visual arts background.

    Wine and Beverage Manager

    • Individuals who enjoy selecting and pairing wine and other beverages with food will enjoy the position of wine and beverage manager. This position entails selecting wine and other beverages for the restaurant, keeping inventory of what is currently in stock and rotating the wine in the cellar. This individual needs to have a passion for wine and creating new and innovative cocktails to be successful in the position. He often works directly with the people eating at the restaurant to ensure that the experience is pleasurable.

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