I Need Ideas for the Front of the Yard Where the Grass Won't Grow

Add a bird bath to an area of your yard where grass won't grow.
Add a bird bath to an area of your yard where grass won't grow. (Image: cup on the lawn image by Elena from Fotolia.com)

It seems like every homeowner faces a part of the front yard where the grass refuses to grow. Whether the area lacks of sunlight or stays too moist, blank patches in our lawns remind us we can’t always make Mother Nature do what we want. Your personal style and the size of your yard will determine how to best tackle those spots where the grass is sadly absent.

Landscape Rocks

In addition to adding texture and color to your yard, landscape rocks can hide a multitude of sins. Adding rocks to a bald spot in your yard can make the area look like a planned, artsy exhibit. Boulders can add interest and cover up the desired spot; choose rocks with shapes you find interesting and keep them proportional to the size of your yard. Once these bigger rocks are placed, add in smaller river rock, lava rock or marble chips to cover the bare ground around the bigger stones.

Potted Plants

If larger boulders aren’t your style, try topping crushed rocks with potted plants. Paint terracotta pots to match your home, or leave them natural for a Mediterranean look. Cluster smaller pots together and add in larger, taller potted plants to create visual interest. You don’t have to cover the ground with landscape rocks; you can use mulch or simply place the plants where you like without any ground cover at all.

Curb Appeal

If the front of your yard is visible from the street, or is right along a sidewalk, consider this area of balding lawn an opportunity to better your home's curb appeal. Line the edge of the yard where the grass has stopped with edging landscape bricks, river rocks or mulch to define this space. Consider adding a bench or a fountain to create a focal point in your yard. These two items take little maintenance, but can turn a bald spot into something cute or cozy.

Make a Place for Wildlife

Butterflies love dishes or rocks that can provide a shallow pond for them. Birds, too, are attracted to puddles or baths of clean water, especially if there’s food nearby. Hang a few bird feeders from nearby trees, or stick shepherd’s hooks in the grass-less area from which to hang the feeders. This will create a sculptural look and a place for the birds – and most likely squirrels – to feed. Place larger flat stones on the ground around the base of the bird bath or among the shepherd’s hooks to offer puddles for butterflies, too.

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