Family Activities for January in Colorado

From the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains and even the Plateau, Colorado is known for its spectacular, and varying, landscapes. Such differing terrain offers a variety of family activities, even during the chilly winter months. From skiing and hiking to museums and art galleries, Colorado offers both nature-based and metropolitan activities for both parents and children. There is something for every member of a family to partake in during the month of January, whether outdoors or indoors.

  1. Skiing

    • Colorado is known around the United States for its skiing, and is a major activity for both residents and visitors to the state during January. Snow has had several months to fall on the mountains and has created a snowpack that makes for enjoyable skiing, and the colder temperatures equate to lighter, powder-based snow, better for skiing than heavy spring snow, especially for little kids. Ski mountains are located all over the state. From the famous Aspen mountain in Aspen to the resort in Summit County, there is a ski resort for everyone.


    • The large city of Denver, Colorado, is known for its arts culture, and is a great place for family activities in January. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science often features kid-appealing displays and subjects, from pirates to photography. With the grave of Buffalo Bill, there is a strong historical sense in the city, with a variety of attractions dedicated to Denver's Western past. To get away from the biting chill of January's streets, go in to the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center located in the north metro part of the city.

    Hot Springs Hike

    • For the adventurous family, go to Nathrop, Colorado, and experience the natural hot springs in the region. Before doing so, hike through many of the trails that surround the hot springs, and come back and relax in the warm waters to soothe aching muscles. Cross country skiing and winter riding are also available through the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Stables.

    Ice Fishing

    • Rent a cabin near one of the many state parks in Colorado, such as Boyd Lake State Park or the Aurora Reserve, and spend a day or two ice fishing. Fishing equipment can be rented from small facilities at the park, or you can bring your own. Equip yourself with hot chocolate and warm snacks for the family and try to catch that night's meal. Ensure kids are dressed warmly, however, for it can be a quite cold experience. Rainbow trout and yellow perch are some of the most common fish.

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