Reviewing Employee Job Performance

Performance reviews are used by supervisors and managers to motivate and reward workers during the year. The review can also be a way to provide feedback to employees whose work does not meet the standards of the job. Using a performance review as their starting point, supervisors and managers can mentor employees and help them develop their talents and skills.

  1. Preparation

    • Supervisors must prepare for employee performance reviews throughout the year. A manager should set a date for the review and determine the agenda for the meeting. To conduct an effective employee review, the supervisor must have documentation to support the review, such as customer feedback letters, reprimands, company policies and any goal lists from previous reviews.

    Encourage Feedback

    • Self-appraisals can help the employee provide feedback during the performance review. Supervisors must provide the worker with enough time to complete a self-appraisal before the review meeting. A self-appraisal should encourage the employee to describe areas where he believes he performed well and areas that require improvement. Supervisors can also encourage the worker to make suggestions for the company or department on ways to improve. In addition, a self-appraisal allows the worker to evaluate the company or supervisor.


    • The supervisor must remain consistent when delivering performance reviews to a group of workers. The workers with the best performance should receive praise, while poor performances should receive constructive criticism and suggestions that can be acted upon. The reviews must also be consistent from year to year. The criteria a supervisor uses to evaluate performance should be consistent between reviews. Employees must understand the criteria they are judged on during a performance evaluation.

    Create Goals

    • An effective performance evaluation can give a worker important insight into his work life and can help in creating goals that advance the worker’s career aspirations. Goal setting can outline areas of improvement in the job the worker performs as well as identify training activities that can enhance his opportunities within the organization. The goals also provide a discussion point for the next performance evaluation. Workers and supervisors can decide on the milestones for the worker based on his career goals with the company

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