Acceptance Speech Topics

Any time there is a possibility that you may win any award or honor and need to give an acceptance speech, it is best to prepare it beforehand. In most cases, if you do win, you will become emotional and be unable to think clearly. This will make it impossible to deliver an appropriate acceptance speech without previous preparation. When writing your acceptance speech, there are several topics that should be addressed.

  1. Acknowledge the Award or Honor

    • Always open the speech by acknowledging the award or honor that is being received. Be sure to state the name of the award and thank the individuals presenting it to you. If you are accepting on behalf of a group of people, thank these individuals presenting the award on behalf of the entire group. Express your gratitude for the award or honor that you are accepting. Never state that you do not deserve this award or honor, as that is offensive to the individuals presenting it to you. Also, never show any arrogance.

    Say Your Thank Yous

    • There are many people who need to be thanked . Thank the audience for their support and for recognizing your work. Most importantly say thank you everyone that made it possible for you to achieve the award. Mention specific names if this list only contains a few individuals. If this list is longer, only mention the names of the most relevant individuals. Condense the rest into groups such as, "I'd like to thank all my teammates on this project" or "I'd like to thank my family for their support."

    Express Your Feelings

    • Put into words exactly how you feel about receiving this award or honor. Say exactly what receiving this award means to you personally. Talk about your values or what motivated the work that you are receiving the award for. Also, express your feelings about the organization presenting the award to you. Mention how the organization has influenced your work or life. You may also mention the importance of the work the organization is doing as well as its goals or values.

    Conclude on a Postive Note

    • Near the end of the acceptance speech, deliver an inspirational comment or quote. This ends the speech on a positive note. Then, say thank you for the last time and end with a pleasantry. This should be something similar to "Have a good night" or "Enjoy the rest of the program." This will officially end the speech prompting applause from the audience and allowing you time to return to your seat.

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