Things a Married Couple Can Do Together

Being married doesn't have to be boring. Married couples can still go on dates and spend the day together engaging in both fun and entertaining activities. Keep the relationship alive by trying new things regularly and allowing yourselves to relive your youth by doing things you did back in your teenage years. Designate one day a week as your "date day" so you'll both know not to make other plans.

  1. Romantic

    • A candle-lit dinner is a special way for a married couple to spend an evening together. Enjoy your favorite meal with a glass of wine, then spend the rest of the evening relaxing and watching a romantic movie. Give each other full-body massages with oil and incense burning.

      Plan a romantic get-away for just the two of you. Spend the weekend in a cabin in the mountains or at a resort where you can relax and enjoy each other's company without worrying about any distractions experienced at home.


    • A unique and creative date is a fun way to shake things up or take you back to your youth. Check out a poetry reading or karaoke contest. These things will allow you to relax and spend time together while being entertained.

      For a more exciting date, visit an amusement park and ride all of the roller coasters before having a nice lunch and playing arcade games. Take some dance classes , go bowling or try a new sport.


    • Not every date has to be extravagant or expensive. Go for a walk in the park, holding hands while enjoying the scenery and engaging in conversation. Prepare a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon eating, flying kites, playing catch, roller skating or simply sitting on a blanket while talking and laughing.


    • Doing something physical can be fun and also help improve your health and fitness. Try going on a long hike or bike ride in the mountains. Swimming is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Let your inner child out by having a cannonball contest or racing to see who can swim across the pool fastest.

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