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There is a candle holder available for every decorating style.

Candles add an interesting glow and warmth to almost any space. Scented candles, environmentally-safe soy candles or candles used specifically for aromatherapy are some of the types of candles being added to the nearly universally used taper candles in our homes. U.S. consumers buy over $2 billion in candles per year, and with our current love affair with candles, different types of candle holders are essential to facilitate their use.

  1. Candlestick

    • Glass candlesticks are an elegant way to dress up your table.
      Glass candlesticks are an elegant way to dress up your table.

      A candlestick typically has a small, circular depression in the top to hold a taper candle, but are also available with a larger depression to hold a 3- or 4-inch candle. They come in many different materials, shapes and heights, in nearly every color or theme. Glass candlesticks set an elegant tone to a room. Wood candlesticks may show your casual style. Group them together in different heights for a dazzling display of light, or set a beautiful one by itself on a mantle to let its individual personality shine through.

    Votive Holder

    • A large group of votive holders makes a striking display.
      A large group of votive holders makes a striking display.

      A votive holder is a shorter type of candle holder used for a votive or tea-light candle. It can be clear or colored glass, flared at the top, rounded or even attached to a long stem. Votive holders with a lighted candle inside are lovely lining your walkway to greet guests at a party, or festive on the table at an outdoor event. They can add romance to a bedroom or a peaceful feeling to bath time. Grouped together in large quantities, they make a stunning impact.


    • This candelabrum has three arms, all at the same height.
      This candelabrum has three arms, all at the same height.

      A candelabrum is a candlestick that holds several candles. It has a center stem with at least two branches, each branch holding a taper. It can be used on a tabletop or set on the floor. The branches may all be at the same height, or they may be at different levels. The glow given off by a candelabrum provides a beautiful energy and lots of light. Candelabra are made of many different materials and can be formal, casual or whimsical.


    • Decorative sconces can be used as wall art.
      Decorative sconces can be used as wall art.

      A sconce is a candle holder that attaches to a wall. Sconces are often used in pairs and come in many different styles. The candle holder tray of the sconce may have a decorative section built around it so it can be used as wall art. Or the sconce may be narrow and placed at both sides of a large wall mirror or doorway. Many are made of wrought iron or wood and can hold a taper, a votive candle or a larger 3- or 4-inch candle.


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