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Happy customers can lead to a profitable business.
Happy customers can lead to a profitable business. (Image: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

The importance of customer service training in today's client-oriented world cannot be overstated. Simply put, if you can't keep customers happy, you can't keep your business open. One way to ensure satisfied customers is to adequately train your staff in all facets of client retention. By regularly updating and training your staff in a variety of service topics, you are well on your way to content customers and a thriving company.

The Importance of Customer Service

The importance of customer service is possibly the most salient and crucial training topic in this area. Often, service representatives are hired for little pay, get almost no respect from clients, and are even subject to verbal abuse by customers. Therefore, the reps are sometimes led to believe that their job is an unimportant one, and their work ethic and morale suffers accordingly. Helping your reps to see that they have an unsung but crucial role in your company goes a long way toward helping them do their jobs with professionalism.

Leadership and Accountability

Taking on a leadership role is an appropriate topic to discuss not only with managers and supervisors, but also with your front-line customer service staff. Anyone handling a problem (as this kind of staff is often called upon to do) can take a leadership role in solving it, even if his or her power in the situation is limited. The representative can hold him or herself accountable in seeing that the issue is resolved, even if it means gathering support and information from many different areas of the company.

Disgruntled Customers

Possibly the mother of all customer service training topics, how to handle disgruntled customers deserves a primo spot on your discussion list. Let your reps know that the first step in dealing with this issue is to validate the customer's feelings. This should be done before even attempting to rectify the problem because when emotions are high, very little productive work can be accomplished. Have your reps express their regret and sympathy for the customer's situation. Only after doing so should they attempt a resolution to the issue that prompted the reaction in the first place.


Finally, using customer service as a way to increase sales is a topic you may want to explore with your staff. After satisfactorily resolving an issue, your reps may want to prompt customers to contract for additional products or services. When a customer's concerns and needs are addressed, he or she is often in a good enough mood to purchase more of what your company offers.

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