5 Creative Uses for a Bidet


A bidet is a small sink that is used for washing the genitalia after using the bathroom. Bidets are popular in Europe and Asia, but are not common in the United States. If you travel abroad or buy a home with a bidet but would rather use toilet paper, there are some creative uses for the fixture.

Shaving Bowl

  • Often, a woman does not have time to shave her legs while taking her morning shower. If you need to shave prior to going out in the evening and don't want to get your hair wet in the shower, run water into the bidet and use it as a shaving bowl. You will not have to worry about clogging the sink with hair or washing the hair out of the sink before you brush your teeth. All you have to do is flush the bidet when you are done.

Pet Bath

Beverage Cooler

  • This idea is particularly convenient for use in a hotel equipped with a bidet. Most hotel rooms do not have refrigerators. If you want to keep beverages cold, you usually have to cram one or two drinks in the hotel-supplied ice bucket. Keep many beverages cold by putting them in the bidet and covering them with ice. You will not have to worry about a cooler or ice bucket leaking.

Water Bowl for a Cat

  • If you use a bidet for a cat water bowl, you never need to remember to put out fresh water for her before you leave. Cats drink out of toilets anyway, so just let her have her fill of water out of the bidet. Flush it every couple of days to keep the water fresh.

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