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Designers use railings as a safety feature in your home, as well as an aesthetic feature. Railings placed along a loft space on the second floor keeps children from falling over the side. Railings are also used on decks, some porches or patios and along the stairwell in your house. House railing ideas meet the needs of your home, regardless of its style and work both inside and outside the house.

Wood Railings

  • Wood railings are frequently used outside the house on decks, as well as inside. Decorate the wood with a wood stain or, simply paint the wood. A classic wood railing design is referred to as a banister. It features individual pieces of wood placed along a bottom railing and a top railing, which is installed directly on the floor. The individual pieces of wood are often carved or molded. Rustic wooden railings have knots and other imperfections that make the wood look as if it just came from the forest. When shopping for wood railings, check the distance of the individual wood pieces, especially if you have children in the house. Make sure there isn't enough room for your child to stick their head through the spaces.

Metal Railings

  • Metal railings come in a variety of styles, including cast-iron or wrought-iron Gothic pieces and plain stainless-steel railings. Wrought-iron pieces feature curved metal and other designs such as roses or flowers. A more modern look involves straight pieces of metal separated by a few inches and attached to central posts.

Glass Railings

  • Glass railings have a more modern and contemporary feel than wood railings. The glass provides the safety feature you need, but makes the room feel more open. The transparent glass allows you to see all areas of the room and it keeps the space from feeling cluttered or closed off. Glass railings are typically used with another type of material such as metal. The metal keeps the glass in place and also acts as a handrail along the top of the glass.

Decorative Railings

  • If you're more concerned about the look of the railing, then opt for an unconventional railing. Potted plants or container plants provide a railing when arranged along an open space in your home. The plants remind others of the dangers of falling over the space. Plants are best suited for homes without small children. If using the idea on a staircase, consider adding a handrail along the opposite wall for safety purposes.

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