Flowers in Season for July

July, with its warm temperatures and summer breezes, is an ideal time to have a wedding or throw an elegant, outdoor event. Choosing flowers that are in season helps keep flower costs under control as the flowers will be readily available at the time of the event. These flowers are well suited to the event, as these flower grow throughout the countryside in July.

  1. Do It Yourself

    • There are many benefits to choosing in-season flowers for a July wedding or other event. In addition to being lower cost, in-season flowers are ideal for the do-it-yourself bride. Flowers in season are often available at flower markets, where brides can purchase fresh flowers in bulk to create their own bouquets and centerpieces.


    • In-season flowers also make an excellent gift for the July wedding couple, suggests the Our Ohio website. For friends or family that choose July to celebrate their nuptials, consider giving a perennial plant. Choose a flower that mimics their wedding color scheme or is used in the wedding flowers. The newlyweds can plant the flower in their garden and enjoy blooms around each wedding anniversary for years to come


    • Several species of annuals bloom throughout July, making them an ideal choice for summer weddings and other events. Zinnias and sunflowers are bright, colorful flowers ideal for a cheerful, summer event. Zinnias come in a variety of colors including red, citrus orange, yellow, pink, white and lavender. Sunflowers, with their large faces and yellow petals are an iconic summer bloom. Sunflowers are available in both annual and perennial varieties.


    • Perennials, flowers that return year after year, also provide bright, colorful blooms for a July event. Some recommended perennials include iris, daylilies, shasta daisies and hydrangeas. Iris flowers are available in virtually any color including white, green, blue, bronze, red, pink and yellow. Hydrangeas, ball-shaped clusters of blooms, provide a romantic look and are available in white, lavender, blue and pink. Daylilies are also available in a number of colors including yellow, red, pink, purple, cream and melon. Shasta daisies feature a classic color combination with white petals and a yellow center.

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