Ice Breaker Activities for Training

Human resource professionals often use ice breaker activities during training seminars and workshops to encourage co-workers and attendees to get to know one another and to build teamwork. The activities enhance trust among team members and entices each to use a different style of thinking while taking a break from the grind of the training session. The activities can be adapted to trainings for adults and children.

  1. TV Wasteland

    • Challenge people to use their creative problem-solving skills by making up the worst television show ever. Divide the participants into groups of four or five people each and give each group a different list of directions and scenarios to complete the activity ending in the same type of product. The groups must complete their show in the 45-minute time limit. Each group presents their ideas to the entire room and may work together to display a portion of their worst TV show ever.

    Animal Sounds

    • The animal sounds activity can bring introverted professionals out of their shells. Give each participant a slip of paper with an animal written on it and blindfold him. After each person is unable to see, the workshop director announces the start of the activity and each person makes her animal's sound. Everyone must divide themselves up by animal by listening to the other participants.

    Toilet Paper Game

    • Pass around an inexpensive roll or two of toilet paper. Instruct each person to take the amount that they need. They receive no additional instruction during this time. After each person has taken a length of toilet tissue, encourage people to share one fact about themselves, either professional or personal, for each square of toilet paper they had taken.

    Defend the Egg

    • Divide the group into teams of four or five and give each group a box of random materials which may include feathers, cotton balls, drinking straws, tape, toothpicks and any other items available. The teams may take 20 to 25 minutes to creatively construct a device that keeps a raw egg from cracking when dropped from a height of 15 feet. They may or may not use the box in the construction. Each team works together using problem-solving and teamwork skills to complete the activity.

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