Activities With Nouns for Kindergarten

Part of learning to read includes identifying parts of speech. Students need to understand the differences between nouns and pronouns, verbs and adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections. Students must also understand that sometimes the same word functions as a different part of speech, depending on its use. Kindergarten teachers may use a variety of activities to teach these concepts to students.

  1. Flash Cards

    • Use pictures of common items with the name of the object below to assist students in identifying sight words. You might include the word in both English and Spanish or both English and American Sign Language to give the flash cards a multilingual aspect. Students can also learn to apply phonetic rules to sounding out the word if you cover the picture and ask the kindergarten student to sound out the word. Once the child has decoded the word, you can reveal the picture to show him whether he is right or wrong.

    Person, Place and Thing

    • Explain to the students that a noun is a person, place or thing. Ask the students to identify things in the room such as a desk, a chair and a book. Have them look around the classroom and name as many things as they can while you list them on the board. Do the same with places such as class, school and home. Finally, list people in the classroom. Note that names are written using capital letters and many places and things use lowercase letters. Use temporary labels to identify nouns in the classroom. You can give the students several labels or die-cuts to label their desk, cubicle and other personal spaces.

    Which Is It?

    • Use a word such as "walk" in two different sentences and ask the students to identify when the word is used as a noun and when it is used as something else. For example, "Let's take a walk" and "Walk over here." Point out the use of articles (such as "a," "an" and "the") as one way to determine when a word is used as a noun instead of a verb. Have the students make up sentences using a similar word as a noun and then as something else.

    Collective Nouns

    • Teach kindergarten students the collective name of certain nouns, such as a litter of puppies or a bunch of bananas. Create a worksheet on which you have a single item pictured and then a group of the same items. Ask the students to identify what the noun is when there is only one and what the collective name is when there are many.

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