What Are Toddler Development Milestones for Age 23 Months?

Twenty-three month olds are gearing up for some big developmental milestones. As your toddler gets closer to 2 years of age she will expand her vocabulary, build on her social skills and start to take steps that will make her less dependent on her parents. The milestones may seem small to you, but they are huge for your toddler.

  1. Vocabulary

    • A 23-month-old should be using between 50 and 70 vocabulary words. Many of the words will be nouns such as "mommy," "daddy," "aunt" or "uncle." As your child gets closer to 2 years of age he will begin forming three-word sentences such as, "I go too." He may begin referring to himself in the third person and singing simple songs.

    Social Skills

    • Twenty-three month olds are interested in other children their age. Your child will have a better understanding of playing, sharing and cooperating with others kids. She will become more aware of children around her and take an interest in what they are doing as she approaches 2 years of age. Twenty-three month olds will also start imitating what they see other children doing.

    Dressing and Undressing

    • At 23 months of age some children are able to dress and undress themselves if provided simple clothing. While your child will probably still not be able to button and unbutton shirts or pants, he will be able to pull shirts and pants on and off. Not all children can do this and parents should not be concerned if their child is not able to do dress themselves at this age.

    Potty training

    • Twenty-three month old children begin showing the ability to control their bladder and can begin potty training if parents want to begin the process. A 23-month-old may have problems getting her pants up and down, so a parent should assist her when she goes to the potty. You can purchase a full potty for her and begin to explain how the potty works. Place her on the potty at regular intervals throughout the day. If she is in daycare, let them know you have begun potty training so they can continue assisting her with the process.

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