The Advantages of Traditional Schools

Traditional schools can mean several things in different contexts. Often, regular American public schools are referred to as "traditional schools." When comparing such schools to charter schools, this is certainly its meaning. When comparing traditional schools to home schools, however, a traditional school just means a school. In any case, there are advantages of a traditional school over other kinds of education.

  1. Traditional Schools vs. Charter Schools

    • It is hard to accurately assess whether traditional public schools are any better or worse than charter schools, according to the Washington Post. Harvard economics professor Caroline Hoxby's research suggests that charter schools do a better job of educating students than public schools, while Howard Nelson of the American Federation of Teachers suggests the opposite. The argument about charter schools occurs with more depth in Washington, D.C., as the city has more students in charter schools than anywhere else in the country. A traditional school can claim the advantage in such a case if its class sizes are smaller and its teachers rated as more highly qualified.

    Traditional Schools vs. Home Schools

    • The debate over traditional schools vs. home schooling always brings up the issue of socialization. Some children who are educated at home are educated alone, by a tutor or a parent, whereas children educated in traditional schools have the opportunity to make friends and attend classes with other children. Advocates of home schooling claim that children who are home schooled do not have to cope with aspects of a traditional school such as drugs, peer pressure or violence. There are advantages and disadvantages to either side; however, students who are home schooled are not usually allowed to participate in extracurricular activities in local traditional schools. Thus, they lose a very important aspect of their social development.

    Traditional Schools vs. Online Education

    • Online education is becoming more popular, as it gives students the freedom to do classwork and reading and to complete assignments in their own time and in their own spaces. Doing assignments in the student's preferred space can also eliminate the distractions of other students or friends. However, online schooling often provides a lack of structure; students aren't forced to do classwork, as they are in a class with a teacher or professor watching. Students also miss out on learning with other students; while Blackboard allows for discussion forums, it is not the same as interacting with other students in a classroom.

    Traditional Schools and Diversity

    • Traditional schools often provide students with automatic educations in different cultures. Because public school districts are not drawn with ethnic communities in mind, students often go to school with other students who may be immigrants or children of immigrants from all over the world. Growing up in a diverse environment will aid in raising children with less prejudice and greater tolerance for cultural and religious differences.

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