Jobs for At-Home Moms

With a less than stellar economy, many stay-at-home moms have started to look for jobs. Stay-at-home moms -- or dads -- need jobs that won't interfere with their current routine too much. These jobs should allow for plenty of flexibility and the ability to continue caring for a child. Some moms look to part-time jobs, while others make use of the new profitability of working online. If none of the more traditional options sound appealing, there is always the option of self employment. Whichever path is chosen, stay-at-home moms must be sure not to fall victim to scams or other troubles.

  1. Part-Time Gigs

    • If you have school-aged children, a part-time job outside of the home works well as a means of earning supplemental income. Look for jobs that allow you to work during school hours so that you still have time to take your child to school and pick him up. Many parents turn to administrative assisting as a part-time career. Some apply at call centers for a during-school-hours shift, or look for technical support positions. Retail positions work well, also. If you have experience or knowledge about a certain subject, consider tutoring kids, which can be done after school with your children present.

    Working Online

    • The Internet has opened up a myriad of job possibilities for stay-at-home parents. If you have an interest in writing, the number of jobs available grows even more. Online freelance writing jobs can be found with a simple search or by checking job boards. Stay-at-home parents with a background in graphics or design should look for freelance positions in that field. If you don't think freelance is for you, consider working in data entry or customer service. These jobs often involve using the Internet to connect to a company's network and handling the duties assigned. Several data entry jobs prove to be scams, but thoroughly researching a potential employer should spare you the trouble. Look into direct sales opportunities as a means to earn money.

    Entrepreneurial Endeavors

    • Put your talent or hobby to work. Whether you are a phenomenal baker or a whiz with a sewing machine, your talents can easily translate into money. Handmade crafts earn many people supplemental income when they sell them on websites. You may consider opening a child care operation in your home or offering pet sitting services. Consider the legalities of your new business venture, you may have to obtain special licenses to open a home-based business.

    Potential Troubles

    • If a work-at-home job sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Some moms find themselves in a bind after being scammed by what seemed like a surefire career option. When looking for jobs online, be weary of opportunities that force you to pay for things like training or membership privileges. Other potential scams involve promising work as a mystery shopper or at-home envelope stuffing or product assembly. To keep yourself safe, respond to jobs that sound legitimate by requesting more information first, rather than sending a resume which includes sensitive information.

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