Alternative Health Lifestyles for Kids

For a kid to enjoy a healthy life as an adult, healthy habits and choices should be made and ingrained during childhood. By staying active, limiting stresses and making healthy food decisions, kids learn the importance of caring for their bodies and feel better, mentally and physically.

  1. Making Healthy Food Choices

    • Allowing your kids to make their own food choices can enforce healthy eating habits and encourage them to make positive choices in their diet. Take the child shopping for groceries and ask him what he would like to eat. If he reaches for a unhealthy option, suggest a healthier substitute that tastes just as good. If he makes a good decision on a fruit or vegetable, praise his decision and suggest a complementary food. For example, if he chooses carrot sticks, suggest a low-fat ranch dip.

    Physical Activity

    • Encourage your child to turn off the television, computer and video game system and play outdoors. While adults should also exercise frequently, any type of physical activity for a kid is important in strenghtening muscles and bones, maintaining weight control and developing a healthy lifestyle. As a family, plan outdoor outings in the park or backyard. Kids adapt to their environment and mirror the actions of their parents. If they observe you performing physical activity, they may join you.

    Dealing with Stress and Emotions

    • Since the world and life is constantly in a state of change, embedding that message into your child at a young age can help him deal with unstable emotions and stress in the future. Teach him how to adapt to change, reduce stress and remain happy and healthy with breathing exercises, yoga and other coping techniques. Keeping your home free of domestic arguments reduces the stress levels of your kids.


    • Making healthy choices is just the beginning. To obtain proper overall nutrition, your kid must learn the different food groups outlined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's "Food Pyramid." Emphasize the importance of a balanced meal containing fruits, vegetables, grains, lean meats, dairy, healthy oils and light sweets and sugars. By being aware of the nutritional needs of the body, your child can make healthy lifestyle decisions about his diet in the future.

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