Easy Math Questions for Kids

It is important that kids not be forced to try to complete work that is too far beyond their abilities. This can be frustrating for them, and make them give up on the subject. Basic knowledge of how to formulate easy math questions means that you should always be able to create an assignment at the right skill level for your students.

  1. Keep the Numbers Simple

    • When working with addition and subtraction, and even after multiplication and division have been taught, keeping the numbers simple for the first several questions that you assign can help to build confidence. For example, "204 + 502" is much easier for children to add than "317 + 299" because there is no need to carry a number over. This sort of simplification can help children build confidence with numbers that include more digits. Similarly, when assigning division problems, start with numbers that don't have remainders, or that resolve to a single decimal point.

    Word Problems

    • Phrase math questions to students in the form of a word problem. These

      are often more accessible to kids who may have problems with straight math. Present the problem in a way that the numbers which apply and the calculation which needs to be done are very clear. For example, "If Johnny has a 75 cents and buys four 5-cent candies, how many cents does Johnny have left?" This makes it easy for the kids to figure out what type of math they need to do to complete the question.


    • Math games can make math easier for some kids because it phrases the problems in ways that are more fun to solve than a simple list of questions. Once children are familiar with simple math principles like addition and subtraction, the questions may be easy for them, but turning them into a game can make these types of calculations almost automatic after some practice. Tiles, flash-cards, dice or any other gaming tools can be used to create simple math games that kids will enjoy.

    Physical Representation

    • You can make any math question easy by letting the kids use physical objects to help them complete the calculation. Give each student a batch of blocks, or any other small objects that are easy to manipulate. When you pose a question, ask them to count out the required number of their objects, and complete the calculation that way. This helps students with math by making it visual and tactile instead of purely intellectual. This can help students eventually learn to do math in their heads.

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