Does Massachusetts RMV Take Credit Cards?

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The RMV accepts credits cards for certain services in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is the government institution that handles all car-related processing in Massachusetts. As more services from government institutions become digitized, there are some options for Massachusetts residents to pay multiple forms and bills online or at the local RMV office. This includes the use of a wide range of credit cards to help consumers pay for things like registering a car.

  1. General Fees

    • According to the RMV website, all fees at the RMV can be paid by check, money order, debit card or most major credit cards. The credit cards the RMV website lists include Discover, American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

    Excise Tax

    • An excise tax is levied annually by the town where you register your car in Massachusetts. The RMV works with the town assessor's offices to distribute the proper taxes. This tax cannot be paid with a credit card. You must go directly to either the RMV office or the town assessor's office to pay the bill by check or in cash.

    Bad Charges

    • The RMV will charge you extra if you use a card that is already over its limit. The RMV usually adds a penalty of $15, in addition to your original charge.

    Unique Payment Option

    • If you are a new driver in Massachusetts, you can pay two different ways with a credit card. The first way is to pay all charges up front at an RMV branch location. The second way is to pay the charges later over the phone. However, you must pay for a learner's permit in person at the RMV. When you schedule your road test, the RMV representative will ask you to pay the remaining fees over the phone during that call.

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