Middle School Math Art Projects

Combining art and math can be an effective way to teach math concepts to your middle school students. There are projects that use measurement, shapes, graphing and other math concepts to create works of art. If you need ideas for middle school math art projects, you can find an abundance of resources both on- and offline to help you.

  1. Tessellation

    • Instruct your students to complete a tessellation art project using a pentagon shape of their choice. Give them a blank piece of paper and tell them to choose one pentagon shape and create a pattern using that shape repeatedly until the page is full. Have them color their tessellations when they are done.

    Symmetry Drawing

    • Collect old or unwanted magazines in your class. Instruct your students to go through them and find a large picture of a person's face. Give them each a blank sheet of white 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper. Have them place one edge of the paper down the center of the persons nose to cover half the face, and tell them to complete a drawing of the other half using symmetry. Instruct them to use measurement to achieve the correct distance for placing features on the other side of the face.

    Shape Mosaic

    • Give each student a large piece of construction paper and tell them to draw a geometrical shape on it. Supply each student with several different colors of construction paper and have them rip paper into small pieces. Tell them to glue the small pieces onto the geometry shape to make a mosaic.

    Coordinate Graph Picture

    • Instruct your students to complete a coordinate graph picture. Obtain a list of coordinates that form a picture when you graph them. You can find these lists on educational internet sites and in books at libraries and teacher resource stores. Give each student a piece of graph paper and the coordinate list. Tell them to follow the order of the list, place a dot in the correct space for each coordinate and connect the dots with a line before graphing the next one.

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