California Driver's Education Schools

Private driver education schools in California provide online, classroom and behind-the-wheel training for motorists ranging from teenagers seeking their first driving permit to senior citizens renewing their licenses. Most metropolitan areas in California have at least one professional driving school to meet the demand for instruction. California requires applicants between the ages of 15 1/2 and 17 1/2 to have completed 30 hours of driver education or six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a licensed adult driver. The driver education classes can be taken at secondary school or a professional driving school licensed by the state.

  1. Teen Driving School

    • Teen Driving School, based in San Diego, specializes in driver's education for teenagers who want to obtain their first driving permit. The school offers a combination of online coursework and behind-the-wheel practice with an instructor in cars that have dual controls. Thirty hours are spent on the online coursework and six hours are devoted to firsthand driving experiences. The school also offers practice written tests that are based on official California Department of Motor Vehicles driver's exams.

    American Driving School

    • The American Driving School is located in El Cajon, Calif., a San Diego suburb. This school provides driver's training to teens, adults and seniors. The teen driving program includes both online coursework and behind-the-wheel training. The school also offers fleet training for those driving a state-owned vehicle and courses for seniors who are renewing their driver's licenses.The American Driving School also has a program for training people who are disabled that includes additional resources and study materials.

    Allstate Driving School

    • San Diego-based Allstate Driving School offers both online courses and classroom programs for teens, adults and seniors. The behind-the-wheel instruction is available seven days a week for drivers of all ages. Allstate Driving School provides test preparation materials for those who need additional instruction before taking the written driver's license exam.

    Community Driving and Traffic School

    • Community Driving and Traffic School is located in Los Angeles. It offers driver's education and behind-the-wheel training for teens and adults. The teen program focuses on traffic rules and regulations to help prepare young applicants for the driver's exam. The driving portion of the class covers six hours. Community Driving and Traffic School also offers classes for those who want to have certain traffic violations removed from their driving record by attending a state-approved class.

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