Required Equipment for a Street Legal ATV in Wyoming


The Wyoming Department of Transportation groups all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, in a larger group called Multipurpose Vehicles. ATVs, previously treated similarly to motorcycles for registration and operation procedures, no longer have to have a headlamp working at all times, nor do they need turn signals. To classify as a Multipurpose Vehicle, an ATV must weigh at least 300 lbs., which eliminates some mini-ATVs.

Defining an ATV

  • The definition for an multipurpose vehicle covers almost all ATVs. There are four criteria for determining a multipurpose vehicle. The vehicle must be designed to travel on four wheels in contact with the ground. It must also have a vehicle identification number. It must weigh more than 300 lbs. and less than 3,000 lbs. It must have a mounted seat at least 24 inches off the ground.

Width Requirements

  • Measurements in width and speed determine the necessity for dual lighting systems and special sign designations for speed. If a vehicle is over 50 inches in width, the vehicle will need two sets of headlamps, tail-lamps, stop-lamps and rear reflectors. Any vehicle that is 50 inches or less only needs to have one headlamp, tail-lamp, stop-lamp and one rear reflector.

Speed Rules

  • If an ATV is designed to operate under 25 mph, it will need to have a slow moving vehicle emblem attached. If the ATV travels at over 25 mph but cannot attain highway speeds, the driver must operate it on the extreme right hand side of the road with a slow moving vehicle emblem attached or a reflecting flag attached.

Standard Equipment List

  • Brakes that are capable of stopping a vehicle within 40 feet from 20 mph on a hard, flat, dry surface are required. Additionally, it must have a muffler system, and no muffler cut-out or bypass is allowed. It must have a mirror mounted on the left hand side of the vehicle so an unobstructed view of the road is visible to the driver. Also, it has to have a horn capable of being heard from at least 200 feet away.

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